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Younes Tazi

French / English / Russian

Translator Since 2012

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ProZ Certified translator YOUNES

"My relationship with translation began in 1994 when I graduated from the Specialized Institute of Applied Technology Hay Al Adarissa in Fez and started working as an electronics technician. 

Thanks to this institute, I learned a lot: in addition to electronics, there was also French, English, computer science, TGM (Maintenance Management Techniques), and Management for Small and Medium Entreprises. My thesis project reflected on the programming of numerical control machines, more specifically the lathe and milling machine.

My job required me to read and understand electronic schematics in order to detect failures of defective devices, as well as talk to technicians and managers of the companies we were dealing with such as Philips, Thomson, Sony, LG, and others. Most representatives were foreign managers and engineers who only spoke English so I had to speak to them in English and translate back to French.

All of this forced me to make progress in English and French, as I was translating and interpreting on a daily basis. Ever since I have been interested in the study of foreign languages." 

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Translation pairs



  • French - native.

  • Arabic - native.

  • English.

  • Russian.

  • Japanese.

  • German.

  • Spanish.

  • English into French.

  • French into English.

  • Russian into French.

  • Other pairs: on request.

  • High School diploma in Natural Sciences & Arts.

  • Electronics degree from Specialized Institute of Applied Technology Hay Al Adarissa, Fez.

  • Baccalaureate Degree in Humanities & Social Sciences.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Fundamental Studies (Department of History) from the Faculty of Letters and Humanities Dhar El Mahraz - Fez, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University

  • Translation degree from Al-Hoda Language Center.

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